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Wood Floor Care & Maintainance

Wood floors are perfect for busy families as a simple brush or vacuum is the basic maintenance they require on a regular basis. With just a little time for cleaning and care, your floor will become more beautiful every day.


oiling wood
  • Use vacuums with wood floor attachments to avoid scratching the floor.
  • Use brushes with fine exploded ends as they are the most effective at trapping dirt and dust.
  • Lift heavy furniture or other heavy items – avoid dragging. Felt pads under furniture legs will also prevent scratches.
  • Wipe / soak up spills as they happen. Excessive water can warp a wood floor.
  • Place mats at entrances. Dirt and grit can act like sandpaper on the finish of your wood floor, causing dents and scratches. Mats will help to trap this dirt.
  • Periodically clean using neutral ph cleaners specifically designed for wood floors.
  • Harsh sunlight can discolour your real wood floor. Close curtains and blinds to protect from the suns most intense UV raysAvoid wearing high heels on hardwood floors, as some narrow heels can cause dents.
  • Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor. Certain floors may require periodic waxing and buffing.