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Frequently Asked Questions

rhino vinyl tile room

At carpet creations we are always happy to answer any of your questions. Ask as many as you like as it will help us select the most suitable vinyl floor for you. Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked.



Can under floor heating be installed with a Vinyl Floor?
Yes, under floor heating can be used with most vinyl flooring although there may be some temperature limitations. We can advise you as to which collections are best used with under floor heating.

rhino vinyl wood room

Can I fit vinyl myself?
Because Vinyl can not be stretched it is best fitted professionally. What may seem to be a minor cutting mistake can turn out to be expensive as the whole piece of vinyl is easily ruined. Preparation of your surface is vital to ensure the long-term performance and professional look of your vinyl floor. Cutting around awkward obstacles like toilets and sinks requires fitting experience and the right tools for the job. All fitting carried out by Carpet Creations is guaranteed for 5 years.

What type of sub-floor can I install by vinyl floor on?
Vinyl can be installed on any standard subfloor (wood, concrete, ceramic tiles etc.) providing it is level, sound, rigid, clean and permanently dry. Any imperfections on the sub-floor underneath will be seen in the final finish.

rhino vinyl pattern room

Which rooms can I install a vinyl floor in my home?
Due to the stability and water resistance of vinyl it can be used in any room at, above or below ground level.

Any other questions?
If there’s anything else you need to know give us a call on 01625 859830. We are more than happy to help.