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Vinyl Care & Maintainance

cleaning vinyl tile

Vinyl is one of the easiest floorings to care for. A simple brush, vacuum and damp mop with a recommended cleaner is all that is required. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your vinyl flooring looking new:

  • Put a doormat at your entrances to trap dirt and git. This is vital if you have an asphalt driveway as the chemicals in asphalt can cause vinyl flooring to turn yellow. However avoid putting rubber backed rugs or mats (or other rubber based products) on your floor as the rubber can stain the vinyl.
  • Remove spills as soon as possible with an appropriate floor cleaner recommended by the vinyl manufacturer.
  • The most common form of damage to a vinyl floor is the indentation markings from the likes of stiletto heels or the legs from furniture. Use protective felt pads on furniture legs to avoid scratching the vinyl.
  • Do not use a beater bar when vacuuming because it can visibly damage the floor surface.
  • Clean periodically with a floor cleaner recommended by the vinyl floor manufacturer.
mopping vinyl floor