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Kährs Flooring

Kahrs Magazine
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Carpet Creations is delighted to add Kährs - the classic Swedish wood flooring range to the Carpet Creations collection.

Oak White Sorrento Strip Town Sand Collection
 Oak White Sorrento Strip Town Sand Collection
Kährs Walnut Atlanta – American Naturals Collection
Kährs Walnut Atlanta  – American Naturals Collection
Kährs Beech Trondheim – Nordic Naturals Collection
 Kährs Beech Trondheim – Nordic Naturals Collection

Kährs has produced wood flooring of the highest quality for over 150 years and is the world's oldest wood floor manufacturer still in business.

Kährs has a reputation for quality of the highest standards and has superlative environmentally-friendly credentials - with a reputation for ensuring all their floors are produced from sustainable sources - in fact, Kährs use wood from the same Swedish forests for more than 150 years and seen those forests grow in size steadily over that time.

Beauty with a Conscience

Wood is a very environmentally-friendly material and choosing a wood floor from Kährs is a smart green choice.

Kährs is one of the most innovative flooring companies in the world. Many of their innovations derive from an ambition to contribute to a better environment, like the launch of the multi-layer wood floor in 1941 which uses the whole log, with no waste.

Kährs' ecological approach

All man-made products affect the environment. To counteract these effects, we have adopted an ecological approach that permeates everything we do. The wood we use is almost entirely sourced from Scandinavia and Europe, where new growth exceeds that which is harvested. And, in 1984, Kährs was the first manufacturer to boast an entirely solvent-free surface treatment process.

Kährs' multi-layer construction allows them to take full advantage of each log, using fewer resources than in solid floor production. This, and other initiatives, earned Kährs the ISO14001 environmental management certification nearly a decade ago.

It’s this level of dedication that allows Kährs to create and produce floors that are not only beautiful but also contribute to the well-being of generations to come. It's called 'Beauty with a Conscience.'

A better environment

Today, there are Kährs floors in a wide range of wood species and styles. But regardless of looks, they each fulfil ALL of the demands you should make if you want your new floor to contribute to a better environment.