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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Amtico made from?
Amtico flooring is made from a resin, which is compounded with various high quality plasticizers and mixed with stabilizers. These ingredients are all compressed under high pressure and subjected to high temperatures. This produces a flooring that is extremely durable and very thin.

How does Amtico achieve such a life-life resemblance to natural materials?
Amtico replicates the look of natural wood planks and stone tile flooring using customized printed films that are then placed between protective layers and glued to the core.

What protects an Amtico floor?
Amtico flooring is protected by a coating of super tough urethane. This layer of high specification urethane protects the printed film from scratching, while making the floor a dream to keep clean. The layer gives the floor a permanently polished appearance so maintenance is minimal.

Can I mix different Amtico designs to create a unique floor?
Yes, all Amtico tiles are the same thickness and so there are endless possibilities of mixing tiles from different collections; stone and wood, glass and metal – let it bring out the designer in you!

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How is Amtico fitted?
Amtico can be installed on many types of sub-floors including concrete, timber and stone providing suitable preparation is undertaken. Carpet Creations will visit your home to access the room and sub-floor. We can then advise what preparations our fitting team will need to make to the sub-floor before the Amtico can be laid. Amtico flooring is fitted using specialist adhesives. The tiles or planks are cut on site and fitted specifically to your requirements; going tight up to sink pedestals, skirting and under kitchen unit plinths if desired. This creates a high quality finish that can not be achieved with other flooring options.

Can Amtico be laid on a floating floor?
Amtico can be installed on floating floors but we advise that a layer of plywood is fixed after the leveller is applied. If there are any gaps left between the boards once they have been fixed they must be filled completely with a smoothing compound.

Can Amtico be installed with under floor heating?
Yes, Amtico flooring is compatible with under floor heating systems. However, you must ensure that the under floor heating system does not reach a temperature higher than 27°C / 80° F. If you live in a temperate climate and your under floor heating usage fluctuates wildly, then you are advised to use a 2 part adhesive that is flexible enough to move with the floor as it expands and contracts. We advise that the heating system should be turned off for 48 hours either side of the installation.


Can Amtico be laid on unheated floors?
Amtico must be kept at a mean temperature of between 18° - 27°. If the floor that you want to lay Amtico on is not inside these limits then it is probably not suitable.

Can Amtico be installed outdoors?
No, Amtico floors are for indoor installation only.

Can Amtico Be Laid Near My Aga Cooker?
Yes, Amtico can be laid beside an Aga cooker. However, it is highly advisable that the flooring does not come in direct contact with the hot plates or hot parts of the cooker. If the floor does come in direct contact it may contort and discolour.